A downloadable game for Windows

Destroy your enemies before they destroy you. Gather unstable energy to heal, but suffer the consequences. Defeat Spido the Destroyer and save the world!

Power ups:
All enemies will give a power up when defeated. Most will let you collect their unstable energy, but some will give you other goodies!

Unstable Energy - Heals some health and gives a stack of Instability. Instability increases the damage of your shots, but also slowly drains your health. Stacks up to 20 times.

Heart - Heals some health and also removes a stack of Instability, but watch out-- too much health will slow your ship down!

Weapon upgrade - Randomly gives you one of two upgrades, rapid fire or spread. Rapid fire will fire at max speed simply by holding down the space bar. Spread will shoot multiple bullets per shot, with more bullets produced the more stacks of Instability you have.

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run Instability.exe


Instability.zip 25 MB

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